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When embarking on a new client project we often recommend a good FAQ as it gives website visitors quick access to common questions and answers. So we thought we should follow our own advice and add it to our website. So here goes!

Why WEBxMedia, what makes you special?

Well I’m going to assume you’re reading this because you’ve either been recommended to us, or you’ve clicked onto our website. We’re delighted to say that the majority of our work comes from recommendations, or existing clients. So we’re obviously doing something right! We’ve received many  client testimonials and display them all on our website (see here).  As the owner of WEBxMedia (Matt Whiteman) I come from a client services background, (IBM, B&Q) so know only too well the importance of delivering outstanding customer service. Combine that with over 18 years of industry experience, a strong team, and we believe we have what it takes to compete with the best. Proof is of course in the pudding, so please take a moment to browse through some of our project work. We do our best to keep this page up to date, but client work always take precedence over our own so by all means drop us an email if you have any questions.

I’m a sole trader looking for a low cost website can you help?

Our business has grown from supporting local small businesses and sole traders, to working with large multi-million pound organisations. The prices displayed on our website are reflective of the estimated time to complete the work to our high standards and the experience we’ve attained over the years. We recommend you review our various plans, or why not give us a call or drop us an email if you want to discuss any individual requirements.

I’m looking to revamp our existing agency website and will also need design work such as a new logo and brochure, can WEBxMedia help?

Absolutely. We’ve developed websites for lots of different companies, from Global Electronic Distribution, Food Distributors, Retail, Lawyers, Events and Marketing and the NHS. To name just a few. Website design and development is at the heart of our business. Alongside this we also produce material and creatives such as logos, brochures, flyers and posters. We’ve been fortunate enough to support the NHS for a number of years now, delivering extensive design and art work often separate to any website services. So why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise and help if we can. Portfolio available upon request.

I’m looking to create my first website but know very little about what’s involved. I’m not sure how to buy a domain name or even what web hosting is and if I need it. Can you help?

Sure, we love helping people out. Advice is often free and without obligation. If we can help we will. So if you’re looking to make the leap online then we can guide you through the process of purchasing your first domain name and even host your website content for you. We offer managed web hosting at exceptionally affordable rates. Why managed? Well put simply if you didn’t manage your own PC/Laptop by ensuring that the latest antivirus was installed and Windows kept up to date then it would most likely be slow and full of viruses and malware. Web hosting is pretty similar, unless you have a managed solution then you are responsible for managing your own server. If Linux, Apache, NGNIX, Cpanel is like a foreign language then speak to us about our hosting solutions.

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