How to disable compilation in Magento

In general, Create Hosting customers shouldn’t need compilation enabled, since our Magento Hosting Plans come pre-configured and optimised with APC cache. However, if you accidentally enabled compilation, or if you are actively using compilation instead of APC Cache and need to disable compilation to perform an upgrade, install or remove […]

Cookie Confirm messages and popups

I was recently asked to suggest a handful of Cookie Confirm solutions, so for the benefit of all, here are my favorites. In particular, I like as the simplicity and customisation are great.  

Cannot decode raw data (NSURLErrorDomain:-1015)

Having upgraded one of my Digital Ocean droplets to the latest Ubuntu 16 and updating to PHP v7.2 I noticed a number of ajax errors. The web inspector showed the error as “Cannot decode raw data (NSURLErrorDomain:-1015)”.  When investigating the problem further I simply echo’d out some “hello worlds” in […]

Magento Multisite not showing correct page content

I was recently asked to add another site to an existing multisite Magento installation. Having setup the domain and DNS I then added the various settings to Magento (good guide here However when setting up a new page linked to the .fr version of the site it still only […]

Inserting the Customer’s Email Address into the Email Templates

If you want to include your customer’s email address in new order confirmation emails sent out by Magento, you will have to edit (or create a new template and assign it to new order emails) the new order confirmation email template and add the following shortcode to it.


Stylesheet not updating in Cache/MaxCDN

I recently had to amend the contact form on a client’s website footer, migrating them from Contact Form 7 to Gravity Forms. The site, which is WordPress, uses MaxCDN, and Fastest Cache Premium. I applied a handful of css changes to the child theme style.css file but for the life […]

Composer with CodeIgniter

Having stumbled upon Bugsnag (which looks awesome) and wanting to integrate it into my Codeigniter projects, I hit a small problem that I quickly fixed thanks to some help, and I thought it useful to share. The error I received having followed the instructions for integrating Bugsnag was:

And of […]

How to create a new Package/Theme in Magento

How Magento Theme Fall-back Works. If you create a new Package/Theme the first place Magento will look for a file is app/design/frontend/Your_Package/Your_theme/ skin/frontend/Your_Package/Your_theme If Magento cannot find the file in Your Package/Your Theme it will look in: app/design/frontend/Your_Package /default skin/frontend/Your_Package/default If Magento cannot find the file in Your_Package/default it will look […]